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Welcome at the Court St.-Georges

The real "Ghent"

At the end of 2014 the Court  Saint-Georges - Sint-Jorishof in Dutch - one of the oldest stones in the heart of Ghent, re-opened its doors.

You’ll find yourselves back in a true nostalgic place to have a nice beer and some delicious finger foods, while going back into time.
It is not only a Belgium Beer Cafe, but a high class restaurant.

With our charming hospitality and original interior, you can sit back and enjoy the peace and serenity of this builing, located in the old heart of Ghent.

Intro restaurant
Our restaurant

Charming features

Exquisite food

The restaurant has two parts: the front features simple tables for the Flemish Classics, the back a full haut cuisene section.

The Flemish Classics are well prepared dishes in good portions at a relatively low price - and that for a restaurant in the city!

While waiting and eating have a closer look at the restaurant - or should we not better call it a museum?

The decor and hospitable service makes a visit more than worthwhile!

The Grand Restaurant


Our dishes for the Grand Restaurant are invariably described as a pleasant surprise.

No nouvelle cuisine, but a real Ghent restaurant with decent traditional kitchen. Our grilled dishes are a must!

Try our grilled king prawns as a starter - very tasty.

As a main course, we offera choice of meats ripened & cut on the spot. We recommend a variety of tasteful European and American varieties.

With us, you go for the flavors and dishes.

Grote Zaal
On Tripadvisor

“If such a thing can exist, then this is a true

traditional gastro pub & restaurant.

More charming decorative features on the walls than most locations, so the feeling is very cosy and comforting.

Which perfectly describes the food. Beautifully cooked, and charmingly presented.”

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