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The best bar
The nicest brasserie
An authentic Great Hall


The culineare team is daily ready to pamper you in a welcoming environment. Discover our Flemish specialties in our Brasserie at the front of the Stone and our extensive Beefeater card for the Great Hall.




Cava Grimau brut

House champagne Thierry Robion brut

Champagne Veuve-Clicquot

Our hous aperitif

Roomer real Ghent aperitif


Kir Royal

Porto Wit & Rood

Sherry Dry

Pineau de Charentes

Martini Bianco & Rosso


Picon Bière & Vin Blanc





Johnnie Walker


Jack Daniels

Chivas Regal 12 years

Smirnoff Wodka

Bacardi white & Reserva

Gordon’s Gin

Gin Mare & Hendrickx

Copperhead & Copperhead Black




Fresh orange juice

Beers on cask

Stella Artois

Leffe blond

Tripel Karmeliet

Sint-Jorisbier Blond

Regional beers




Lindemans Kriek

Sint-jorisbier Bruin

Leffe Bruin




La Chouffe

Gordon Finest Gold

1907 Oud Oruin

Pater Lieven Blond

Pater Lieven Tripel

Buffalo Stout

Boon Kriek

Boon Oude Geuze


Westmalle Dubbel

Westmalle Tripel

Chimay Wit

Chimay Blauw


Orval + 6 maand

Rochefort 6

Rochefort 8

Rochefort 10

Achel Blond

Achel Bruin

La Trappe Blond

La Trappe Bruin

La Trappe Quadrupel

Several small snacks


Beers from Ghent

Sint-Jorisbier Bruin

- our very own special brand



Gentse Gruut Blond

Gentse Gruut Amber

Gentse Gruut Inferno

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak Quadruppel

Augustijn Blond

Augustijn Bruin

Augustijn Grand Cru

Delirium Tremens

La Guillotine

Gentse Graaf Tripel

Gentse Maagd Witbier

Gentse Strop

Gentse Tripel

After dinner drinks

Gentse Pierke Pierlala Jenever

Oude Jenever Filliers

Gentse Advokaat

Amaretto/ Baileys/ Poire Williams

Grand-Marnier/ Grappa/ Cointreau

Calvados Père Magloire VS

Calvados Coquerel VSOP

Cognac Martell Fine VS

Cognac Martell Médaillon VSOP

Armagnac Janneau VSOP

Glenfarclas 12 Years

Glenfarclas 15 Years

Aberfeldy 12 Years

Sringbank 10 Years

Highland Park 12 Years

The Macallan 12 Years

Scapa 16 Years

Warm drinks




Dubbele Espresso

Latte Machiatto

Cappuccino Met Melkschuim

Tea: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Groene Thee

Infusions: Rozenbottel, Munt, Linde, kamille

Hot chocolate


Irish coffee with Whisky

Double Irish coffee withWhisky

Sint-Joris coffee met Advokaat

Italian coffee with Amaretto

Hasselt coffee witht Jenever

French coffee with Grand Marnier




Fresh soup of the day


Bisque de homard, Armagnac Speciality

Tomato with hand-peeled shrimp

our beer proposal Rodenbach 5,2% 


Buffalo mozzarella tomato carpaccio

our beer proposal Gentse Gruut amber 6,6% 


Scampi curry Sint-Jorishof 

our beer proposal Hoegaarden witbier 4,5%


Homemade cheese croquettes parmigiano

our beer proposal Sint-jorisbier blond 6,4%


Homemade shrimp croquettes

our beer proposal Rodenbach 5,2%


Beefcarpaccio Harry’s Bar Venice

our beer proposeal Sint-jorisbier bruin 6%


Mushroom toast parsley

our beer proposeal Sint-Jorisbier bruin 6% 


Mildly smoked Scottish salmon

our beer proposal Hoegaarden witbier 4,5%


Four grilled gamba herb butter

our beer proposal 1907 Oud bruin 6,5%



Our starters are served with bread

Our Salads

Buffelo mozzarella tomato carpaccio

Our beer proposel Gentse Gruut Amber 6,6%


Mildly smoked salmon cucumber

Our beer proposel  Hoegaarden Witbier 4,5%


French goat cheese raspberry honey

Our beer proposel Gentse Graaf Tripel 8,5%


Ganda ham melon nuts


Our beer proposel Augustijn Bruin 8%


Fried scampi curry apple

Our beer proposel Gentse Maagd Witbier 4,5%



                  Our salads are served with bread

Flemish Grandma’s kitchen

Two tomatoes with hand-peeled shrimp

Our beer proposel  Rodenbach 5,2%

Sole meunière 500g 

Our beer proposel Gents Gruut Blond 5,5%

Eel in green sauce

Our beer proposel Chimay wit 8%

Steak tartare preparation on table

Our beer proposel  Westmalle Dubbel 7%

Ghent beer stew

Our beer proposel  Sint-Joris Bruin 6%

Ghent waterzooi chicken

Our beer proposel Gentse Strop 6,9%

Vol-au-vent chicken

Our beer proposel  Augustijn Blond 7,5%

Meatballs Italian tomato sauce

Our beer proposel  Westmalle Dubbel 7%

Brussels stoemp

Our beer proposel Sint-Joris Blond/Bruin 


All our disches are served with hand cut fries or baked potatoes, salad and mayonaise 


Our Deserts


Terrine of three cheeses

Our beer proposel Orval 6,2%

Strawberry and rhubarb mini pancakes 

Our beer proposel Hoegaarden 4,5%

Crme BržlŽe bourbonvanilla 

Our beer proposel Gruut Amber 6,6%

Homemade mousse of bitter chocolate 

Our beer proposel La Trappe Bruin 7%

Dame Blanche hot chocolatesauce 

Our beer proposel Buffalo Stout 9%

Lukewarm chocolate moelleux vanilla ice cream 

Our beer proposel Gulden Draak 10,5%

Warme apple pie 

Our beer proposel Boon Kriek 5%

Warme apple pie vanilla ice cream  

Our beer proposel Boon Kriek 5%

Café Glacé slagroom chocolate pearls 

Brussels waffles and pancakes

14h30 – 17h30


Sugar en butter

Whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream whipped cream

Vanilla ice cream chocolate sauce

Vanilla ice cream strawberry

Ice cream coupes

Children ice cream



Ghent egg-nog 16%


Strawberry vanilla ice cream

Grilled specialities

 from the charcoal oven

Wit-blauw steak  natuur 220gr

our beer proposal  Rochefort 7,5%

Irish angus Aberdeen ribeye 300gr

our beer proposal La Trappe Bruin 7%

Tomahawk cote a l’os 2 pers:

our beer proposal Westmalle Dubbel 7%

supplement saus: Green peppersauce


Seven grilled gamba’s herbbutter

our beer proposal  Crabbelaer 6,5%

Fillet of cot capers onions

our beer proposal La Chouffe  Blond 8%

All our dishes are served with hand cut fries

or baked potatoes, salad and mayonaise 

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