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The Sint-Jorishof -

Cour St.-Georges



In front of the city hall, you can find the Sint Jorishof, one of the oldest constructions in Ghent.

It's been set up on the early foundations of a cloth hall which was situated between 1000 and 1469 and this hall had a length starting from the Sint Joris Hof till the Belfry.


Numerous people passed by, for excample in 1477 when Sint Jorishof welcomed Mary of Burgundy as a guest, but also Napoleon and Winston Churchill did spend a night here.

In 1909 the city of Ghent bought this momument and the first renovations were done in 1911-1912.


In 2000 the facade was renovated.


In 2014 it was bought by the actual owner, with the intention to renovate this building in it's full glory and by giving it a multi funcional purpose. 


Since 2014, we are fully occupied with the renovation of this momument, in harmony with the present safety laws.


In the summer of 2014, at the festivals of Ghent, we introduced it the first time for only 10 days.


After these 10 days we continued fully on the further restauration. In december 2014, we’ve opened our doors permanently.

The first part of the re-opening was the “Belgium Beer Cafe”. In the brasserie we welcome you with great pleasure, a diversified beer card and some delicious finger food.


Of course, some traditional, homemade dishes are on the menu!


Mid -Januari 2015 we started the renovation of the old guildhall. In the near future, You’ll be welcome you there in the restaurant, situated in this guildhall. A wonderfull surrounding, breathing it's history upon our guests.



In Sint Jorishof, there’s still much to do, and that's why we are confiant that this momument will give away some more hidden treasures in the next years coming.

Next to the brasserie and the restaurant, the first floor will accomodate a second restaurant, some banquet facilities and the early chapel will be renovated in it's amazing glory as in the early days.

Our goal is to give it back what it gave us.

A richness of history, a never ending pleasure for years to come.

A unique place in Ghent, where you can enjoy a beer, have a typical meal, while enjoying the history.

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